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welcome to cycle élan

cycle élan is more than a place to work out. It's a community. It's a breath of life. It's a place to give yourself the time and self-care you need. Between cycling classes, yoga, bootcamp, and unique combinations of the three, we have enough options to let you find perfect workout that leaves you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

a positive community

Going to the gym shouldn't make you feel self conscious. You're there to give your body a gift just like everyone else, and you should be proud to be there. Cycle élan is a community full of people like you who want a positive, supportive place to work out. With one look at any of our classes, you'll see people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. You can choose the class formats you enjoy most and modify the moves in any way you need, so you're alway getting a workout that is catered to you.

instructors who inspire

An instructor can make or break a fitness class. That's why we only hire the best at cycle élan. All our instructors are certified and have specialized training in how to inspire and lead you to your best workout every time. They know how to guide you toward your goals without pushing you too far, all while making each workout a fulfilling and refreshing experience. From the personal encouragement to the popping playlists, our instructors go the extra mile to make sure every detail of their class is built around you.

first time going was today. Place was spotless, staff was amazing and the class was a blast. So glad something like this has come to Smyrna. I already reserved my next two classes. So excited!

love this studio! Hip Pop Fusion cycling class with Kristen is great. Kristen is so positive and the class flies by. Really recommend.

The staff and members are super nice and welcoming. Took a class with Eric and he was fun, motivating, yet challenging! The studio is clean and they really do take care of their clients (water refill during class, shoes for rent, cool towels at cool down). Awesome experience!


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