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alex has always had a passion for fitness, sports, and living a healthy lifestyle. After graduating from Georgia Southern with a Sport Management Degree, he embarked on a journey to make fitness a career and marry his lifestyle with his passion. As a lover of all genres of music, from trap and rock to old school hip hop, he's incorporated passion filled music into his classes. Fitness should be fun and exciting but should also provide continuous positive results. Are you getting those results? If you need an extra push, try his class out!


ann is a Colorado Native who was an avid athlete throughout High School and her first year of college. After experiencing life's trials and tribulations that caused her to gain an excessive amount of weight she rediscovered her passion for fitness. After incorporating indoor cycling into her fitness regimen it swiftly became her passion. She started out at 385lbs and lost 85lbs cycling and lifting. She’s completely in love with motivating others to become a better version of themselves. As a plus size fitness instructor she has made it her goal to show the world “fitness is not about size, it’s a destination to better health”. 


caroline's class is a dance party that leaves you breathless. Her passion as an indoor cycling client turned into the fuel that helps her blend music and energy together for a rhythmic experience on the bike.  After a long day on your Corporate grind, Caroline wants you to get lost in the songs, sing, scream, and sweat out all your troubles. You'll find out how far you can push yourself, while smiling ear to ear.


erin has spent most of her life in Atlanta and in the Vinings/Smyrna area. She has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and has been teaching for 15 of those years. Erin started taking spin and yoga classes at cycle élan a couple of years ago and decided to take the step to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with her peers. Time on the yoga mat is sacred and vitally important to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Erin's classes offer you the opportunity to re-center and focus on only your body and breath, while also getting in a challenging physical workout through vinyasa yoga. 


Jeryn is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified with Yoga Alliance. She credits Yoga for helping provide balance, structure and peace to her life. She began practicing yoga after being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness. Yoga helps with energy, flexibility and strength. Teaching is her way of leading others to a similar path to healing. As a published author, her specialty is theming and uses words to inspire the mind as she stretches the body and calms the spirit. Join Jeryn in one of her yoga élan classes in your pursuit for greater peace.


cindy's work ethic in and out of the studio are second to none. Her "let's get it done" attitude along with her love for music, will have you leaving her class inspired to tackle your to-do list. Her winning smile will encourage you and her strength will motivate you!


Meet Joe, 1 part philosopher, 2 parts mad scientist, and 100% gym rat. He believes fitness is about being better today than you were yesterday. Day by day, session by session, he's here to help you build a better you. "Make the weak strong and the strong stronger". Whether you've just gotten started or you've already made great strides there is a next level and he intends to take you there. 


nikki is a Richmond, VA native that has been in Atlanta for 10+ yrs. She has a passion for fitness, and loves to cook all foods from healthy alternatives to the foods that we love. Nikki came to us as a trainee, worked hard and has come into her own. Now a seasoned pro Nikki teaches a great class and keeps the class LIT with her upbeat energy and unique style. Try out Nikki’s Friday class it’s sure to be fun from beginning to end.


coach will is a man of many talents, Swimming is his #1 sport. He swam competitively in high school, then for his home state of Wisconsin, South Eastern Aquatics, and for Jacksonville FL. masters team throughout college, while getting his Gerontology degree.
Most recently endurance sports has been his athletic go to. He broke his leg after months of training, just one week before my first big 26.3 Mile LA marathon. He fought his way back and is now stronger than before. It's truly a story of resilience and one he uses to encourage his clients not to give up. Sports definitley keeps me grounded and continues to inspire me to become a better version of myself psychologically and physiologically.


kettelyne is a busy professional by day and a cycling bad ass by night. Kettelyne took her passion for living a healthy lifestyle to the next level when she decided to become a certified indoor cycling coach. Her class focuses on the energy of the room, and Kettelyne will help you tap into your unknown strength.


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