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How do I sign up?

Each of our guests needs to begin by creating an account on our site, even if you only
plan to take one class. If you prefer, you can create your account in person at the studio
or over the phone, though people under 18 need to sign up at the studio with their
parent or guardian present. After you have an account, you can buy classes online and
sign up for classes on the schedule.

How does cycle élan work?

Cycle élan is a boutique fitness studio offering a wide range of classes, including cycling,
yoga, boot camp, and various combination classes. You’ll sign up online for each class
you choose to take. You can purchase either individual classes, savings packages of
multiple classes, or subscription-like packages that allow you to take unlimited classes
within a specific time frame. You can always call our friendly staff with any questions
you have or you can try cycle élan for yourself with a free first class.

How is cycle élan different from other studios

While most cycling studios offer cycling alone, cycle élan is more diverse. Our members
have their choice of cycling classes, boot camp classes, yoga classes, and a variety of
unique class format we designed for our members. You can incorporate variety into
your workout routine, but all within the same community-based studio.

What do I do when I arrive for my class?

Before every class, you’ll arrive a few minutes early and sign in with the front desk. If
this is your first class, arrive at least 15 minutes early and speak with the front desk
staff. We will give you a tour of the studio, show you how to sign in, and help you get
any gear you need.

I don’t know if I can do everything in the class. What should I do?

No worries! In all of our classes, we encourage participants to modify the moves and
intensity to match their comfort and their fitness levels. All our bikes have customizable
resistance levels as well. Simply work at your own pace and have fun!

Can I host a party or event at cycle élan?

Yes! If you want to kick off your next party or group event with a fitness class, call our
studio and we’ll be happy to create a group booking.

Can I request a specific bike in my cycling class?

Yes! We do our best to accommodate as many bike requests as possible. If someone
else requests the same bike first, we’ll help you choose another bike you will love.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Gift certificates don’t expire so you can buy them at any time, and they’re valid for
both classes and merchandise. Call our studio to buy a gift certificate.

Can I buy a class and then give it to someone as a gift?

No. Once purchased, our classes are non-transferrable. If you want to give someone a
class, you can buy a gift certificate for the cost of one class.

Do you have a shower and a locker room?

Yes, we have a comfortable shower available, which is equipped with towels, soap, and

Are your fitness classes safe during pregnancy?

We have had many members enjoy our classes throughout their pregnancies. However,
it’s important to speak with your doctor about any limits or restrictions you should

Is there any way to make the seat on my cycling bike more comfortable?

It can take time to get used to the way the seat feels on any cycling bike. You are free to
bring a cushioned gel seat or to wear padded cycling shorts for your comfort. However,
you’ll likely find that this is less of a problem as you get used to the bike.

What type of shoes should I wear to my classes?

Your shoes will vary based on what type of fitness class you’re taking. For yoga classes,
most participants take the class in their bare feet. For boot camp or personal training
sessions, wear your usual athletic shoes. For cycling, however, specialized cycling shoes
will give you a firmer grasp on the pedals so you get a more efficient workout. We have
cycling shoes available at our studio, though most members prefer to buy their own
shoes so they can get the exact fit they want.

I want to bring my friend to a class. Can I sign up for both of us under my account?

No, each rider needs to have their own accounts for record-keeping purposes. Your
friend can create their account on our website, over the phone, or at our studio. While
your friend cannot use the classes that you have purchased for yourself, they can get
their first class free if they’re new to cycle élan.

Do you have childcare available during my classes?

Yes, we offer childcare services for our members, though reservations are required in

Do you have locker room facilities?

Yes, we have lockers available for you to use during your classes. Please bring your own
lock, though we have locks available for you to borrow at the front desk if necessary.
We also have changing rooms as well as a shower with toiletries available.

Do I need to bring my own water?

We encourage members to bring their own water bottles, and you are welcome to fill
them at our studio. We also sell bottled water at the front desk.


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