why us?

At first glance, you might assume cycle élan is just another cycling studio. All of that will change
the moment you step foot into our studio

What makes us different

cycle élan is more than an indoor cycling studio. Beyond heart-pumping spin classes, we offer
boot camp, yoga classes, and personal training sessions. On top of all this, we specialize in
unique classes that blend several of these workout styles in one.


Our fitness classes might seem original on the surface, but you’ll see the true magic when you
experience them for yourself. Our skilled team of certified instructors know how to turn a
workout into something you look forward to. You’ll lose yourself in the exciting dance music
during our cycling classes. You’ll watch your body reach new heights as you jump from one
exercise to the next in our strength training classes. You’ll connect with your balanced and
healthy spirit in our yoga classes. All the while, you’ll feel at home among our supportive
community of your peers of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.

Our vision

A fun workout isn’t a myth, and our crew at cycle élan is dedicated to bringing that reality to you. Our boutique studio is the passion project of two personal trainers who have seen firsthand how cycling, strength training, and yoga can combine to create a healthy and fulfilling workout regimen for our clients.


Beyond the workouts themselves, we believe in the importance of community on your journey
toward a healthier, happier you. Our members connect like a family of all ages, sizes, and
fitness levels with a common goal: giving themselves and their health the attention they
deserve. Along the way, our certified instructors know how to push you with positivity and
guide you toward your goals in an uplifting, supportive way.

How to discover cycle élan for yourself

As much as we love to tell everyone about cycle élan, there’s an energy at our studio that you
simply have to experience for yourself. Sign up for your free first class to give it a try.


“OMG!! I attended the Trap Cycle class and it was the BEST! The music was good and the energy was high! I loved it!”​


—  Fonda P.


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